While crime scene photos may call for some objectivity, nothing is more moving than the faces of little girls who lost their friend to heartbreaking and brutal violence.

When researching possible connections of a serial killer of children, it became obvious far, far too many children have been murdered in the United States.  This page is a vigil for them. Not only will the crimes against them be recounted for context, which could make them easier to solve, but the efforts of the past to prevent these kinds of crimes is also researched.  It is deeply disturbing and perhaps that is why so many of these cases are forgotten. But a forgotten history repeats itself and these children deserve to be remembered.


It soon became clear there was no golden age when children were safer. Those who remember childhood when they were free to experience life and roam neighborhoods simply did not fear impending doom because the odds were on their side. Still, there was the rare gruesome murder that incited the nation to do something. I have not given up on finding the serial killers at large in the early 20th Century, but the stories of these little victims deserve telling — serial killer or not. They are not forgotten. This is an attempt to chronicle the cases from the troubled past beginning with the Jesse Pomeroy case from 1874 on.

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2 thoughts on “Nothing is more maddening than the murder of children. Their tragic stories….

  • June 28, 2017 at 6:44 pm

    Catherine Alcantara, I’m sorry for your loss and feel your pain and desperation. I’m sorry I can’t help with an active investigation and do hope you find closure and peace.

  • June 28, 2017 at 5:48 pm

    Hello my name is Catherine and I had a Nefew name Raul known on the streets as Jr Menace R.I.P Jr was from a street gang called ES White Fence in Boyle Heights on July 22,2016 approximately 8:45pm Jr was Shot to death playing basketball in a park in Bhts where he grew up I have reason to believe he was killed bye his own homeboys there are lots witnesses but the to scared to come forward the people that murdered my Nefew was arrested but released 11 days before his murdered they murdered another older homebo name Raul Jr known as yogie the murders are connected there been any arrest for yogie but it’s the wrong person and no one was caught for my Nefew murder it’s going to be 1year next month and no arrest no one been caught the people that set him up and killed him are walking the streets with there freedom and my Nefew laying in the cemetery 6ft under all me and my family want are answers we want justice for Raul it’s not right what these people did they we’re suppose to be his friends one was his new girlfriend us as his family have a right to no what happen why was he murder it seems that the police aren’t doing nonthing about it we visit the police detectives but never want to see us always an excuse it seems his case is aready cold I have talked to people who no’s a lot of stuff but won’t talk to scared to come forward I’m trying to reach out to other agentencies like FBI lapd main headquarters the cheif of police but I need to find someone I could trust to help me bring these people to justice my nefew didn’t deserve to be murdered my Nefew leaves a 9 year old behind who often asked why his only best friend his dad murdered Raul leaves 2 brothers 19,2 and a lil sister 6 mo and a huge family behind we want justice for Raul we need want to no why what reason they had to hurt him to kill him I need suggestions to bring these people to justice there at 15 to 20 people involved thank you

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