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An example of the “finality of verdict” mentality of police and DAs in the US : They ‘deep six’ the evidence

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Sorry to use the “deep six” phrase (verrry unprofessional) but it surely applies to this growing track record of the various Innocence Project Network (IPN) investigation cases litigating suspected wrongful convictions.

They are told the evidence used to convict no longer exists. Any sense of the “chain of custody” concept evaporates after trials.

25 states have recently instituted statutes demanding prosecutors to maintain post conviction evidence. This is no solace for those convicted over prior decades. Read about the hodgepodge manner of the state by state process of “preservation.”

My conversations with IPN attorneys, law students, staff workers and volunteers affirm these stories of back tracking these cases to retired police officers, district attorneys and government staffers in order to circumvent obstacles of “vanished evidence.”.

22% of requests to the IPN for investigations are closed because of lost or destroyed physical evidence.

Here is the latest case.

Cops and DAs can’t…

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By G. Sherwood

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