From Death Row to Exoneration Thanks to DNA Testing

2 thoughts on “From Death Row to Exoneration Thanks to DNA Testing

  1. Yes, the failure of the American government “justice system” is routinely exposed now by way of DNA testing which proves time and again that the government has stolen the lives of innocent people through their “conviction” process in the courts.

    We see it in the news monthly where some inmate has been caged in prison for 10, 20, and sometimes over 30 years for a crime he/she did NOT commit.

    And it matters not if that person had a criminal history. Nobody is supposed to go to prison for a previous history although we see the police and the government routinely demonizing people by holding press conferences and exclaiming “the suspect has a criminal history.” HISTORY is not something we are supposed to send people to prison for.

    Yet we never see any of those “justice system” workers being held accountable for the crime of stealing a persons life away. No, sir, we do

    The prosecutors are not beyond the observations of astute observers, though. A Federal Court has recently gone on the written record (transcripts) and video recording as well in their ruling that “prosecutorial misconduct is rampant in California.” Google that to see the actual court room discussion in which a former California prosecutor was proven to have LIED about a man he sent to prison and yet that prosecutor was allowed to get his full, cozy government retirement pension… didn’t even lose his law license for perjury (a felony) … and was NOT prosecuted for that felony perjury. The Federal Judge noted that.

    1. I neglected to mention.

      Please notice that government loves to use the word “misconduct” to describe their crimes against the public.

      When a member of the public is caught in violation of law, its a “crime.”

      When a prosecutor is caught lying to imprison a defendant, the government calls it “merely misconduct.”

      “Misconduct” is the same thing as a “CRIME”… even though the government attempts to protect its employees by downplaying the seriousness of the act.

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