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Undertaker describes tending to bodies of executed people

An angle most people have likely never considered. I know I didn’t think of this.

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Suhendro Putro. Photo source: Daily Telegraph

How did I feel? Of course I was sad … we and they knew what day it was going to happen, only not the time. We were all sad, but what could we do? – Undertaker Suhendro Putro

Cilacap (ABC News/ Louise Milligan): Across the water in the town of Cilacap, the Christian undertaker who will provide the coffins for the executions spoke to 7.30.

Suhendro Putro will also bathe the bodies of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran after they are executed. He keeps his coffins in a small back room behind the church in central Cilacap.

Six weeks ago, Mr Putro prepared the caskets and tended to the bodies of the last six drug traffickers executed at Nusakambangan by Indonesia.

He was summoned by text message to a meeting point at 9:00pm (local time) on the night of the execution and at 10:00pm was…

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