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Addressing the Impact of Wrongful Convictions on Crime Victims

From Addressing the Impact of Wrongful Convictions on Crime Victims, a fascinating paper at The National Institute of Justice, by Seri Irazola, Erin Williamson, Julie Stricker and Emily Niedzwiecki.

We need to better understand how wrongful convictions affect the original crime victims and improve systemic support available to them.

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When a wrongfully convicted individual is exonerated, the original crime victim may experience feelings of guilt, fear, helplessness, devastation and depression. For some victims, the impact of the wrongful conviction may be comparable to — or even worse than — that of their original victimization.

By G. Sherwood

This project has been ongoing for over 10 years and it required many breaks and gigs and gigs of research. The subject isn't easy but it is important in my view. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to drop me a line.