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A roundup of human remains in the news: Forensic anthropology, archaeology, and some strange stuff

Strange Remains


Forensic Anthropology and Forensic Science in the News

Building the face of a criminal from DNA (via @CAHIDuod)

The face of a killer constructed from DNA left at the scene of a crime: it sounds like science fiction. But revealing the face of a criminal based on their genes may be closer than we think. Read more at BBC.

Case of the Month: Tracy Lynn Davenport

Case of the Month: Tracy Lynn Davenport (March 19, 1967 – April 27, 1973 date missing).

This cold case caught my daughter’s eye when she was going through the papers before tossing it into the recycling bin. She saw the ad from with the picture of a smiling six-year-old Tracy. Read more at Defrosting Cold Cases.

Archaeology in the News

Mummified bishop is a unique time capsule from the 17th century (via @RockstarAnthro)

The mummified remains of Peder Winstrup are one of the…

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