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Changeling (film)

Some films are so moving it becomes necessary for me to learn more to try to resolve it somehow, as if the emotion is left unfinished. There was some satisfaction in the form of resolution in the Wikipedia article about “Changeling,” staring Angelina Jolie and directed by Clint Eastwood. The article is surprisingly in depth and insightful. Angelina Jolie wasn’t sure she wanted to do the film because the subject was “distressing” and that sure is understandable, but the film approaches the subject from her character’s POV, and she carries that oh so well. She is able to speak volumes without saying a word. Other times she says exactly the right word at the right time. Indeed, I think it was the double take of the subject, the looking at it from different points of view, mostly hers, that make it so effective. Another interesting point was that SFX were used to make Los Angeles more 1920s (it was set in the late 20s) and it sure had me fooled. It was like being there. Speaking of emotion, the ending was extended to allow for more emotional release, so we see Jolie’s character Christine Collins walking through a crowd to end the film.

Powerful movie and highly recommended.

By G. Sherwood

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