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Shocking connection to the Dyer case in CA and the Elmore case in NY


After going over the court record again and again, something surprising suddenly surfaced last night. The similarities between the investigation of Albert Dyer and Samuel Elmore is just to “consistent” to ignore. How did District Attorneys 3000 miles apart know their suspect was going to confess for “the first time” within 10 minutes of the District Attorney’s arranged meeting? Both cases were in the summer of 1937. Elmore’s confession occurred while Dyer was tried in Los Angeles. Too strange. Note to self: Have to figure out how detectives could predict the future so well.

By G. Sherwood

This project has been ongoing for over 10 years and it required many breaks and gigs and gigs of research. The subject isn't easy but it is important in my view. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to drop me a line.