true crime


After gigs and gigs and gigs of research, the project became too big to deal with. The connections and possibilities just kept mounting. Aeon Timeline saved me. Maybe any timeline or outline could have done the same, but Aeon Timeline did it. This is a map of Los Angeles before there were any freeways. A color version is at my Flicker page. The first Aeon Timeline printout runs actress the top.  The collar belonged to my Buddy. I still miss him but watching the tribute I made to him makes me smile again. His loyalty keeps me motivated. The yellow “Researcher” tag is from the California State Archives. I thought it would take months to research the data up in Sacramento, but I got it and studied it at home. They were very helpful and so is the New York Archives now. Bill Gorman especially. Thank you.wall map

By G. Sherwood

This project has been ongoing for over 10 years and it required many breaks and gigs and gigs of research. The subject isn't easy but it is important in my view. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to drop me a line.