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’33 murder case solved: Boy drowned

By Jenny Shearer 

On a summer day in 1933, Dalbert Aposhian and his friend Jackie Confar decided to go fishing on the Broadway Pier.

Six days later, several sailors on the USS Dobbins found Dalbert’s body floating in San Diego Bay.

An autopsy surgeon with the coroner’s office said Dalbert had been mutilated and sodomized, and the newspapers said it was the work of a “fiend.” No arrests were made, and the case became one of the 300 unsolved murders since 1932 in the Sheriff’s Department.With the discovery, 7-year-old Dalbert became San Diego’s sixth homicide in two years.The San Diego Union declared it an “inconceivable atrocity” on July 25, 1933.


By G. Sherwood

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