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Texas Symposium on Exonerations, bad forensics, bad prosecutions and the death penalty.

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Houston Science Center

Anyone out there knowing a DA supporting the death penalty as a secure means of doling out proper justice in the US might do well to send him/her the information flyer showing the topics being discussed in Houston this August. You won’t read about them at the pro-death penalty campaign occurring for Prop 66 in California. This article links (via a .pdf) to the inflammatory language of promises for a better world as “reasoning” used by its proponents. In addition, Monday’s New York Times has an editorial calling out prosecutors as being protected from consequences when they infringe citizens’ rights to fair trials. Prop 66’s premise (if you read the .pdf) is that “some” of these protections are a “nuisance.”

See a summary of the Houston meeting below:

Houston Forensic Science Center Symposium: Exonerations and Backlogs

by BGarrett

The Houston Forensic Science Center is hosting a symposium as part of its…

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