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Coerced confessions and jailhouse snitches: why the death penalty is so flawed

Brandon L. Garrett, University of Virginia If a majority of the Supreme Court justices eventually strike down the death penalty as unconstitutional, Henry Lee McCollum may be an important reason why. Perhaps that will provide some small comfort to him, given the 30-year ordeal he suffered on death row in North Carolina as an innocent […]

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Forensics: More judicial illiteracy about scientific principles

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Somewhere there must be an appellate judge who understands something about reliability. The 7th US Circuit sure needs some help.

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“Scenes of a Crime” – Documentary of a False Confession

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Sue Luttner posted a commentary on this film yesterday on her blog On SBS. If you want to have a better understanding of how false confessions can happen, and why an innocent person would confess to something they didn’t do, here’s an ‘eye opener.’   The opening paragraph of…

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Judge Kozinski: Time to Rein In Prosecutors

Judge Kozinski: Time to Rein In Prosecutors.

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Why I’ve withdrawn my support for the death penalty.

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For nearly the first forty-five years of my life, I believed in the death penalty. Some things—child rape, premeditated murder, terrorism, serial rape and the trafficking of certain drugs in massive quantities—were simply so horrible and corrosive to society that only death was a fitting punishment. In fact, it’s…