Investigative Reporters and Editors | Journalists discuss reporting on wrongful convictions

At the Investigative Reporters and Editors blog, there is a discussion of wrongful convictions and the corollary of “wrongful liberty” — the inevitable consequence of convicting the wrong person and leaving the guilty free to maim and kill. The focus on how the media can be partly responsible for wrongful convictions gives it a unique slant. […]

Chapter 1 The Crime Scenes (sample chapter)

Centinela Park: June 26, 1937 – Morning Melba Marie Everett, age 9, and her sister, Madeline Everett, 7, left with their friend Jeanette Stephens, age 8, for Centinela Park in Inglewood, California, at about 9:30 A.M. Saturday morning, June 26, 1937. Madeline took a picture book and a teddy bear. They had a blanket and […]