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Steven Avery

CRIME-COMMITTED-BY-OTHER(S), FEATURED CASE, IMPLICATED BY TRUE PERPS,NEWS, WISCONSIN STEVEN AVERY DECEMBER 23, 2015 GB 23 COMMENTS Sometime during the day on October 31, 2005, photographer Teresa Halbach was scheduled to meet with Steven Avery, one of the owners of Avery Auto Salvage, to photograph a maroon Plymouth Voyager minivan for Auto Trader Magazine.   Source: […]

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Chapter 1 The Crime Scenes (sample chapter)

Centinela Park: June 26, 1937 – Morning Melba Marie Everett, age 9, and her sister, Madeline Everett, 7, left with their friend Jeanette Stephens, age 8, for Centinela Park in Inglewood, California, at about 9:30 A.M. Saturday morning, June 26, 1937. Madeline took a picture book and a teddy bear. They had a blanket and […]

cold case execution false confessions forensics serial killers true crime wrongful conviction

Who were the victims?

So far it is possible that a serial killer let two other men suffer the sentences he deserved. S.C. Stone (Book 1) and Albert Dyer (Book 2) were both convicted of murdering little girls. Stone was convicted of murdering May and Nina Martin and after his death sentence was commuted he was eventually released from […]

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Thursday’s Quick Clicks…

Originally posted on Wrongful Convictions Blog:
Police insider says a Chicago man’s false confession resulted from beatings inflicted by detectives… A wrongfully convicted man who was released from prison last month after being locked up 27 years started work Tuesday at his new job as a paralegal… Alaska Newspaper calls for a change in shaken…

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From the Baldwin Hills looking down from about the same perspective as the cover of Colder Case

The Village Green in 1943.