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Still not sure what it means but Pandora is playing perfect music.

The numbers shift constantly.

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The Picture on the Cover of Colder Case

Is from the Baldwin Hills looking east at downtown Los Angeles in the background. There was some temptation to sharpen the image in the distance but it seemed a good metaphor to have things clearer the closer they are and fuzzy in the distance. The shadowy crime scene terrain is meant to depict the darkness of the crime and the uncertainty of the location. For those familiar with the area, the picture was clipped from a panorama shot with a Cannon TM700 off the trail from the gazebo at the Kenneth Hahn State Park . The green rectangle center left is the Baldwin Hills Village, now known as The Village Green.

The poster is a picture of an actual poster of the Dyer Case Investigating Committee found at the California State Archives, with sincere thanks to the staff there.