Tragic Histories

While researching possible connections of a serial killer of children, it became obvious far, far too many children have been murdered in the United States.  This page is a vigil for them. Not only will the crimes against them be recounted for context, but the efforts of the past to prevent these kinds of crimes will also be researched. Obviously every effort failed. It is deeply disturbing and perhaps that is why so many of these cases are forgotten. But a forgotten history repeats itself and these children deserve to be remembered.

It soon became clear there was no golden age when children were safer. Those who remember childhood when they were free to experience life and roam neighborhoods simply did not fear impending doom because the odds were on their side. Still, there was the rare gruesome murder that incited the nation to do something. I have not given up on finding the serial killers at large in the 20th Century, but the stories of these little victims deserve telling — serial killer or not. They are not forgotten. There will be an attempt to chronicle the cases from the troubled past beginning with the Jesse Pomeroy case from 1874 on.

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