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An example of the “finality of verdict” mentality of police and DAs in the US : They ‘deep six’ the evidence

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Sorry to use the “deep six” phrase (verrry unprofessional) but it surely applies to this growing track record of the various Innocence Project Network (IPN) investigation cases litigating suspected wrongful convictions. They are told the evidence used to convict no longer exists. Any…

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Audio: Forensic Entomologists Hunt Down Insects to Help Catch Criminals

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Forensic Entomologists Hunt Down Insects to Help Catch Criminals

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Learning to Read Corpses at the Texas State Body Farm

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“It wasn’t just a smell, it was a force. With the first whiff, I thought, Camembert. But as the golf cart got closer, the smell became sweeter—noxiously sweet. You could call it the smell of death, but really it was the smell of what comes after: an obscene eruption of microbial life. In…

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Is Texas Going to Execute Another Innocent Person?

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If you have been paying attention at all, you know that the Texas death penalty machine has been operating at full tilt – 508 executions since 1982, with 16 in just 2013.  This includes the execution of Cameron Todd Willingham, and it had become abundantly clear, even before his…

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Los Angeles Times Map of the 1937 Crime Scene

The first I heard of this case in was 2004. There was the claim the “pied piper” killer enticed the children to walk a block behind him up into the hills. This map by the L.A. Times has the crime scene location 1 1/2 miles farther north than the testimony indicated, at about where Coliseum […]